Virtual Author Day

An Author-Reader connection site where an author gives a reading of their book, speaks a message about their book and provides an interview and worksheets or outlines on their topic.

Give a Reading

Your video reading can be up to 20 minutes. This gives the reader a chance to see you and make a personal connection. A personal connection will much more likely encourage a reader to be your "fan."

Give a Message

Your video message can be up to 20 minutes. This allows the reader to identify with your message and cause the connection that will make the reader know, like, and trust you.

Give an Interview

You can craft your interview with zoom or comparable platform so the interviewer asks the questions that get to the nitty-gritty of who you are. This is how your readers become "raving fans." All of this is in one place where the reader can really get to know you.

Provide any handouts you think would be helpful to the reader.

These are provided digitally and can be anything from worksheets for kids to outlines for adults. Or it can be sample pages of your book. Whatever you think will make your connection with the reader smoother and more complete.

I want to see this in action!

Click here to see a sample of Virtual Author Day as the reader might see it.


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