Bring Laurie Donahue Right into Your Classroom or Home Without Breaking Your Budget!

Introducing Virtual Author Day!
The site where students can ask authors questions in live, online interviews

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A bit boring lately, huh? Would you like to be that teacher or parent that energizes your kids to love to read and write? You need "Virtual Author Day" so character training and/or Christian values will come alive in your home or classroom.

Is Virtual Author Day Right for You?

  • Are you a teacher who wants your kids to be excited about reading and writing?
  • Are you a parent who wants to do something new and different for your homeschool or family devotions or sharing time?
  • Are you a ministry worker who wants to enhance your program?
  • Do you work in day care and need something different break the boredom?
  • Do you want to inspire kids in their own writing and reading skills?
  • Do you want your students to see that writing and publishing a book is closer than they think?
  • Are you a grandparent or babysitter that wants to "wow" your kids?
  • Do you want something that is new and different without a ton of work?

If so, Laurie's Virtual Author Day is for you!

What is Virtual Author Day?

Laurie Donahue's Virtual Author Day is a revoutionary platform that brings Laurie right into your home or classroom.
It includes videos, worksheets and a live online interview with your students where they can ask the author questions about their book or their writing process.

Where Can I Use Virtual Author Day?

Use Laurie's Author Day for Family Devotions

Spice up your devotions with an interview with an author.Your kids will be excited for Author Day devotions!

Use Laurie's Author Day for Events or After-school Child Care

Break the Boredom!
Bring some sparkle to your every day routine! 

Use Laurie's Author Day for Classroom or Assemblies

Kids Will Anticipate Author Day!
Great for rainy days or "Fun Friday!"

Use in your Reading and Writing Courses

Be Original! Invigorate Creativity! 
Show your students how close a published book can be!

For Pre-school-K

These books are mosty pictures. They are often concept books or very simple story books. Their vocabulary is limited and they tend to be shorter than books for older students.

For 1st-3rd

These books are often picture books or early readers. They can be concept books or story books. Their vocabulary is limited but greater than the Pre-School level. They may be early readers.

Books for preschool through 3rd grade and many genres from which to choose. For less than the cost of 1 cup of coffee per week, every month you will receive:

  • Downloadable videos from a successful, published author to your students
  • Your own personal author interviews where your class asks the author questions
  • Worksheets for your students to reinforce the book's message
  • access to multiple author blogs

What Will I Get?

Sign up for Virtual Author day and you will receive:

  • a video book reading by the published author that is spoken directly to your students.
  • A short video pep talk for your students that hightlights the message the author desires to relay, spoken directly to your students.
  • worksheets, games, and puzzles relating to the book that the kids can take home or work in class.
  • And to top it off you will receive a 15 minute interview, by Skype or phone, to personally interact with the author. Your students can ask the author direct questions about their book or writing.
  • You will receive access to a private blog series by our "Author Day Authors" with many new tips and perspectives.

I would like to see this in action!

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Have you written a children's book and want to reach your audience in a greater way? Do you have a message that kids need to hear. Click here for more information on how to become a Virtual Author Day author.

Get a Behind the Curtain Look at Virtual Author Day

Don't hesitate and miss this great opportunity to connect with a real authors writing real books!