How Do You Get Your Kids to Read Books in This Digital Age?

With the 5 different approaches shown here, you can inspire your kids to LOVE to read.

Why should your kids read?

The benefits of reading are overwhelming. Reading stimulates our imaginations, helps us to understand the world, and improves our analytical skills. It helps us to have opinions and express them, reduces stress, and helps us gain knowledge and experience from others, to name just a few.

Excessive gaming is only one example of the battle for our kids' minds. So what do we do? Get ready for new ideas, new challenges, and new reading excitement. Most of all, get ready for new answers!

Change a Kid- Change a Legacy

The list of things that good reading skills can help is very long. Here are just a few gifts you can give to your child that can never be taken away, only passed on.

  • stimulates imagination
  • helps them understand the world
  • Helps them analyze solutions
  • learn rhythm and melody of language
  • improves memory
  • gives them thirst for more knowledge
  • improves language and listening skills- communication
  • prepares them for new experiences and to learn from others' mistakes

Parents and Teachers,

Kids don't want to read?

You can be solution! 

With Virtual Author Day, you can increase your child's LOVE for reading and writing! 

With Virtual Author Day, your kids will be introduced to many authors of many types of books 

Kids, do authors go to the grocery store?
Do authors wear polka-dot pajamas? 
Do authors ride bicycles?

Do you want to get to know an author? Find out "insider" information? Learn why and how they write what they write? Do you want to learn how to write like your favorite authors?

At Virtual Author Day,  authors for children's and young adult books give readings for your kids from their books, speak messages about their books and how they wrote them, provide activity sheets for the classroom, and give interviews where they share their writing tricks. And your kids will be the first to get the scoop, straight from the author!

Enjoy their Readings 

Hear an author video reading or excerpt of an exciting book. This gives you and your students a chance to see them and make a "personal connection" and enjoy their book.

Hear their Messages 

Hear an author video message which will allow you to understand their motives and message and feel connection with those things they are passionate about.

Watch their Interviews

Authors provide an interview to answer those questions that get to the nitty-gritty of who they are as a person and as a writer. Here is one place where you can really get to know the author. 

Get authors' handouts and activity sheets that accompany their books.

You’ll get printable resources straight from the author that you can download, print, and use to extend children’s learning. Your printable resources will include  worksheets, puzzles, outlines and a variety of additional creative materials to keep your readers inspired.

Kids Can Enter Treasure Hunts and You and Your Kids Can Win Prizes

There's nothing like a little contest and gaming to keep our kids (and us) going! We will have contests with real prizes to keep up the interest and excitement for reading!

And More!

We will inspire YOU to inspire your kids!

We will give you monthly tip and tool sheets help you and motivate your kids to read more, read at deeper levels and learn to use their reading and writing skills to help them grow.

How can we make our kids want to read?

These 5 ways will help parents and teachers
turn kids into readers.

What you will get with Virtual Author Day:

  • Kids will meet authors and illustrators who will speak to them directly by video. Second only to being in the classroom.
  • Contests and games with prizes to keep kids stimulated and reading.
  • Parents and teachers will get monthly inspiration on how to motivate kids from preschool to 6th grade.
  • You will get activity sheets for your home or classroom to go deeper and enlarge learning.
  • You will have a private community where parents and teachers can share ideas.
  • Virtual Author Day books help kids with grief, relationships, spiritual walk, healthy entertainment, and many more subjects kids are interested in.

Give your kids passion for reading and writing!

Fill out the waitlist form and don't miss out on a thing! We’ll let you know when everything is ready for you! If you are interested in being a founding member now and have access now, scroll to the bottom of this page.

Are You a Children's Author?

Click here to see how you can become a Virtual Author Day author. Reach numbers of parents, teachers, and kids that you never thought possible! Don't miss this opportunity! 

Pricing Options (when we open in 2019)

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Author introduction, reading, message, activity sheets or games, and interview.

Contests and games for kids and you to win real prizes.

Monthly tip sheet to inspire you to inspire your kids.

Private community forum for sharing ideas.

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Includes the same items as in the monthly program except you get 2 months free.

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Includes the same items as in the monthly program plus:

One 20 minute telephone or Skype call to personally speak with an author each month. 

A free hard-copy children's book,
Mr. Blue- a Job for You.

Contest entries for $50 cash awards for your classroom or family "Reading Party" every 6 months.

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